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Idaho's first Funny Car was the "Gentle Ben" Cuda of Ron McDowell, right, and Jerry Taylor at Firebird Raceway in 1968.



Pulling down the Firebird staging lanes in 1972, this is the AA/Funny Car of Twig Zeigler, winner of the inaugural Nightfire 500 (`72). Twig also won the 1976 Nightfire race. too. Originally a school teacher from the greater Pendleton area, Zeigler competed at almost every Firebird major events throughout the 70's up until 1981, the year he started winding down his fuel Funny Car efforts.



Roy Harris in Liberman's #2 car at Maple Grove circa 1974.



Some rare stuff here. Harry and Pete Burkholder decided to leave the fuel altered ranks and team up with the three Spiegel brothers to race this funny. The Spiegel brothers had a chassis and body and the Burkholder's had an engine, a tune-up and a driver (Harry). So, since they were 5 brothers, they called the car "The Brotherhood". It was the first funny car chassis that John Shoemaker ever built. Here's two b&w photos of the car at Fremont, plus a color shot of the motor and front of the chassis.





The Boggs brothers, Ron and Steve, were from Ohio and ran this American Motors AMX-bodied alky funny around 1971. Powered by a bored & stroked late hemi. Ron was the driver.



Funny Car engine/cockpit circa 1969. Note the pre-butterfly steering wheel.



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