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This is a posed shot by Logghe & Marsh for publicity in 1966. Roy Steffy in front of engine, Larry Lewis, and Ed Schartman in seat. The car was brand new at this point.



From Roy Steffy: This looks like the strip Logghe & Marsh rented in Fla. for testing, the car was brand new here, late Nov 1965.

Don (Nicholson) made a couple of burnouts and then ran to the 1/8 tuned around and drove back; we were alone on track. He did a couple of burn outs and ran to the 1/4 turned and drove back again. Over the sound of the exhaust you could hear squeal of spun bearings.

Next day with the second engine was about the same, a full run then spun bearing. Everyone was looking at me like you I something wrong.

Al Turner of L&M called to have new parts for a new short block flown in. Al and Don built the new engine and I just watched.

Next outing it made it just passed the 1/8 mile mark and threw a rod out the side of the block.

When I got back to MI. I went to see my friend Kalitta as he was running a Ford too. He said Moldex cuts the crank for Chrysler bearings and to use M/T rods.

I went to see my boss Fran Hernandez and told him, he said NO WAY. He called Charley Grey at Ford. Grey said no way, we use stock steel Ford rods.

So I drove to Moldex and saw Bob Gillian, there was a Ford crank tagged hold for Charley Grey.

Can I borrow it for 1 hour? he said sure, back to the 7 floor with a crank on my shoulder and set it on his desk.

That was the end of the bearing problem, the SOHC was bullet proof after that on 98%.


This is the ratchet shifter that Roy Steffy designed and built shown here in one of Mickey Thompson's Mustangs.



Bob Larimore's "Circus Cuda".




Clare Sanders in the Ramchargers at the 1973 U.S. Nationals.



Austin Coil under the hood of the Chi-Town-Hustler circa 1968.



At the onset of the funny car there were some head shaking deals, among the the Jeep's of Ken Coleman (Destroyer) and Ed Lenarth (Holy Toledo). Not safe, not aerodynamic and soon gone.



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